The Heaton-with-Oxcliffe Parish Council is a civil council covering a relatively wide area geographically with a mix of urban, rural and business areas, including Grosvenor Park, Priorsgate, Scale Hall Farm, parts of Westgate and Overton and the White Lund Industrial Estate. If you have received information about this survey through your letterbox, you live in this area and the survey applies to you.

The Council works at the most local level of local government, closest to where people are. Each year it has public money at its disposal to spend on a range of local services as defined by law (these are much more limited than those of the City and County Councils).The Council seeks to act in the interests of local people, provide services, deal with residents’ enquiries, requests and complaints and aims to achieve best value for money. All residents can attend Council meetings which are normally held 7.00-8.30 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month (excepting August) at the Grosvenor Park Primary School

To help inform our decision making and to involve those for whom we work, we are carrying out a survey of residents’ views. This is to ensure that we are focusing our efforts in the right areas and are communicating with the local community as effectively as possible.

If you live in the Parish (as defined in the first paragraph above) we would like to hear from you. Please respond to the following ten questions as fully as you can. It should take you only a few minutes.

You can respond on-line by completing our survey – just click on the here

If you have any questions please contact Bob Bailey, Parish Clerk

email: or call 07828254149