John Fairclough
John FaircloughParish Lengthsman
In May 2015, the Council appointed John as its very first lengthsman. This is actually an ancient post, the term “lengthsmen” historically being someone who kept a stretch or ‘length’ of road tidy and in good repair. Things have changed a bit since then and these-days the lengthsman has a wide range and variety of duties include grass-cutting; drainage work; litter removal; tree, bush, and hedge trimming; planting, improving public rights of way, specific projects and much more!

A retired fireman, John has developed the skills, knowledge and experience needed to carry out his duties over many years. Under the direction of the Clerk, you may see John, out and about in the parish dealing directly with problems raised by our residents or else inspecting and monitoring the resolution of matters that are the responsibility of Lancaster City or Lancashire County Council’s.

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